Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas in Williamsburg

It's been such a warm and lovely December here in Virginia that I decided to go down to the part of town known as Colonial Williamsburg to see the decorations. All the buildings there have been restored to how they might have looked in the 1700's, and you can take tours inside some of them.

The Christmas decorations are understated compared to our bright and shiny modern displays; everything here is made of natural elements.

Almost every building has a wreath (or three)...

This double wreath is really unusual.

The wreath below caught my eye because it is wrapped with strips of fabrics.

This next one is so charming, with the wooden spoons, cookies and cookie cutters!

Even the signs are decorated (the center of this one is a cluster of pomegranates.)

After walking all over CW (as we locals call it), I felt like this squirrel, so I went home to rest for a while!

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wendiek said...

I love CW (yeah, like the locals, hahaha) and all the natural decorations! Beautiful wreaths, can't even pick a favourite.

Thanks for showing us around, Leslie! I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas!

With love,