Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crafting Hope

Craft Hope, that wonderful organization that collects and distributes hand-made items to brighten the lives of those in need of hope, has just announced it's latest project:  Dolls, Animals, and Monsters. Oh My!

For this project they will be collecting handmade softies--dolls, animals, sock monkeys, monsters, you name it---for kids who live in the northeastern United States who experienced the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

My first thought was, "Hey, I like to make stuffies!  I want to make some for them!"  My second thought was, "Hey, I have my own pattern that I can use to make the stuffies!"  That pattern is for the Mystery Critters, which I first showed you about a year ago.  Yesterday I got out my template and started sewing; these three little friends will soon be on their way to New Jersey!

They are pretty quick and easy to make, and you can put any kind of face on them you want.  I made mine without anything that could pull off or pose a choking hazard, so they will be appropriate for any age child. If you would like to make one or two or a dozen, click HERE to go to the pattern and tutorial.  I hope you will join me in spreading hope to those children.  All the information about the project and where to send completed stuffies can be found by clicking HERE.

Just as I was finishing these stuffies, I came across another fabulous stuffies-for-sharing project that I'm dying to tell you about...I just have to sew a few of them, then I'll get back to you with this new idea soon!

Update:  LimeRiot asked me how I sewed the critter's faces; that's such a good question I will answer it here.  The pattern for the Mystery Critters does not include the face (that's what makes it a mystery--it will look different for every crafter).  I made my faces by cutting a paper oval to use for a template, then ironing my good friend Heat n Bond Lite (the sew-through kind) to the back of the face fabric.  I traced the pattern onto the Heat n Bond, cut out the face, and ironed it onto the body.  Then, using a short and narrow zig-zag stitch, I machine-sewed all around the edges.  For the eyes and nose I used Heat n Bond Ultra Hold, which is not sew-able.  The mouth was hand-stitched with embroidery thread--that's why I had to use the LITE version of Heat n Bond for the face, so I could sew the mouth on.


LimeRiot said...

These are so sweet, Leslie. They are going to make some kiddos very happy.

I've been having fun with stuffies lately too so I'm going to make something for Craft Hope.

What stitch do you use for attaching the face? It looks like some kind of satin but I can never get that quite right on my brother machine.

Unknown said...

Ooooh! Mystery critters for crafting hope! That is awesome! Thanks so much for this post, Leslie.