Monday, January 2, 2012

Heart Charm for a Scrappy Bracelet

You may know that I have started a year-long challenge at my other blog, 365 Sewn Hearts.  The heart I posted there today is made to go on one of my scrappy braided fabric bracelets.  I just finished the bracelet and added the heart--here it is:

 I chose the colors for the fabric bracelet to compliment the heart charm.

The heart is two layers of wool felt, with seed beads and embroidery floss decorations.  I made a matching bracelet by simply stringing beads on stretchy beading cord.  I like the combination of the hard, shiny beads with the soft fabric.

I'm excited that I thought of this; the charms I had been using on these bracelets (metal discs with a single word like "love", or "hope") were fine, but I like having the whole thing hand-made, especially if I am giving it as a gift or sending it in a swap.  The charm would look good as a circle too; and I could embroider a word or phrase or an initial instead of the flower.  Feel free to borrow this idea--then tell me what you made!


Unknown said...

Honestly, it looks regal, leslie! I know what you mean about it being ALL handmade. I feel that way about buying purse handles vs making them in fabric.
This is lush; you have taken fabric jewelry to a new height.

waggonswest said...