Tuesday, January 31, 2012


In case you've ever wondered what my favorite sewing/crafting tool is, wonder no more--it's SCISSORS! 

I love them because they are so functional, and they come in so many sizes, shapes, and colors.  Here are most of the scissors I own; I know I have more (where are my two pairs of stork-shaped embroidery scissors?) but these were all I could find when I wanted to take a group photo:

This is the first pair of real scissors I ever owned.  My parents brought them back for me when they went on a short trip to Spain, when I was 13 years old. They are pretty dull now, and the screw tends to fall out when you are cutting, but I love the decoration on them.  They are my favorite pair!

One of these two is my most expensive pair of scissors--but I don't know which!  I remember that the embroidery scissors were really expensive when I asked my husband to get them for me for my birthday about 20 years ago; they are super-sharp and well-made.  The Ginghers are my prettiest scissors; I treated myself to them a couple of years ago.  I am left-handed, and so are these scissors; one of the things that made me want them was that they are "true" left-handed scissors--they don't just have a left-handed grip, but the cutting edges of the blades are actually reversed--it sounded great, but in reality, as a person who has always used right-handed scissors, it seems very awkward and is hard to get used to.  Otherwise, they are great!

These three are my "work horses"' that I use every time I sew.  The orange handled ones are left-handed Fiskars; I've had them forever and they always work great and rarely need sharpening.  The blue handled pair has the name "Durasharp" on the blade; I don't remember where I got them, but they are amazingly great scissors!  This is the only pair that I use for both fabric and paper, and they never get dull!

These Cutter Bees are my newest pair of scissors.  They were part of the huge bag of goodies I got at the Blogger's Meet-up hosted by Craft Gossip and sponsored by EK Success Brands, back in September, in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Everyone had a pair of these sitting at her place at the table when we walked in--I was so excited to see free scissors!! 

I already had this pink pair, and let me tell you, if you need scissors for scrap-booking or other kinds of paper-cutting, these are the ones to get!  They are fantastically sharp, but best of all, the tip is extremely small and sharp too, so you can easily cut into small corners.  I love them!  But then again,
 I love all my scissors!!


fiddlegirl8 said...

Leslie - I love this post! I have a small collection (compared to yours!!) of scissors. Most of mind have been obtained through garage sales and thrift stores. I have some old vintage ones-one of the black painted handled scissors that our school teachers used! And a gold colored stainless steel inlaid pair, brand name "Radiant Golden Age". This small pair I have is just like a larger pair my mother used for sewing when I was growing up. Your post has inspired me to get my small collection professionally sharpened, and I think I will start using more of them. Now, I only use two pairs of my scissors for cutting fabric (and threads). :)

Leslie Andersen said...

Hooray! Another fan of scissors!

waggonswest said...

I got my first pair of real sewing scissors from my neighbor Mary when I graduated from high school. She told me she got them for me because she knew I would think of her every time I used them. She was right. They are the centerpiece of my collection. I'll have to take a picture of the ones that are ready at hand.

Sad to say my collection is extensive because I am always collecting, salvaging, acquiring scissors to have on hand for group projects.

Anonymous said...

Do you still have your Toledo scissors? You should sharpen them and have the screw fixed, they will be fine again. :- )