Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If You're Lavender and You Know It...

If you have read this blog very much, you will know that I mention Susan quite often; she is kind of a cross between a crafting muse and a mascot.  I putter around all day, alternating between my sewing room and computer, and she regularly e-mails great ideas my way--links to cool projects, pictures of things that might make a good swap on Craftster, or just crafty ideas that have occurred to her.  She constantly inspires me and challenges me. 

Here is one example:  Susan likes to take a lavender sachet with her when she travels (which she does several times a year), and I made one for her last year.  It was my standard "pillow"-type sachet, like this:

Once I get something perfected, I get stuck doing the same thing over and over--so this is the only kind of sachet I have made in quite a while.  But Susan is a thinker.  She suggested I combine a stuffed plush toy (something we both love and enjoy making) with a sachet; that way a busy traveller could enjoy the calming scent of lavender AND the comforting presence of a little animal friend.  Brilliant!  Introducing:  Lavender Cat!

Lavender Cat taking a walk

Lavender Cat taking a nap

This stuffie is 5" tall and is made from fleece.  The face is hand-embroidered, and he has a button heart.  He is entirely stuffed full of lavender buds I ordered from Prairie Lavender Farm.

Thanks, Susan, for being a constant source of inspiration; but even more, for being my friend.


LidiaZuniReds said...

awwww so cute. I love it the blue cat ^.^

Unknown said...

what kind of friend is it that sends you a lavender cat that arrives on a day that you are suffering a titanic migraine?
a friend like leslie.
(if only our computer screens were scratch and sniff you would all know how wonderful--and healing!--a silly plush cat can be.)
everyone on my lufthansa flights is going to be crazy jealous.
i'm so lucky--in so many ways--to have such a thoughtful friend as you!

waggonswest said...

What a clever idea.

Suzy said...

I LOVE Lavender!! I can't wait to order some and make yummy satchels too!!!! You are such an inspiration to me, Leslie!