Friday, January 13, 2012

A Little More Lavender

Well, I sent the lavender cat from the previous post to my friend Susan; it happened to arrive on a day when she was suffering from a migraine, and it managed to cheer her up (which is no small accomplishment at a time like that).  It's wonderful when something I make gets a great reception!  Her daughter liked it too, so, being a good mom, Susan gave it to her...and then asked me to make her another one...which I did today!  As long as I was making one, I went ahead and made two:  one just like the first one, and one in a different fleece fabric:

And, since I had the lavender out, I went ahead and finished this sachet that I started last month.  It's for my mother; her birthday is in February, and she dislikes the shorter, darker days of winter.  This seems like the perfect sentiment for her:

This sachet is made of all cotton fabrics and the details are hand-embroidered (except the words, which are written in ink).  It is filled with dried lavender buds (just like the cats). 

We haven't had much of a winter yet, here in Virginia, but being engulfed by the scent of lavender today has made it feel like spring!

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