Friday, March 30, 2012

Cats and Dogs Rule!

This is just my opinion (I have no scientific data to support it) but I think that the vast majority of people love cats or dogs, or both!  That's why my friend Susan and I have just opened sign-ups for a new swap on Craftster called "I Love Cats or Dogs".  If you are already an established member of Craftster, I invite you to sign up.  If you're not, go ahead and start your Craftster profile so you will be ready for our next swap!

I'm excited to craft for this swap, and to see what everyone else makes, because there are so many different directions in which the crafters could go with this theme--we can use any medium, and make any item that we think our partner would like.  In the picture above you can see several cat pincushions/stuffies I have received in swaps (thanks wendiek, onegroovyday, and pjr107!), plus the beautiful painting of my favorite cat ever, Toulouse, which my daughter made for me for Christmas two years ago (thanks, Jenna!)

I've always found that dog and cat-themed purses (like the blue one above, and the two below that I just made this week) sell very quickly at craft shows and the local store that carries my work.  People just love cats and dogs!

Right, Q-Tip?

Right, Suki and Sake?

Right, Juniper?



wendiek said...

Hahaha, love your cats, Leslie!

I don't have pets, but that doesn't mean I don't like cats or dogs. Cats are my favourites too.

For the crafted item I don't have a preference, because I like cats and dogs-themed bags, pouches, and so on.

Looking forward to be cat/dog crafting!! JOIN US!!

Unknown said...

wow--i had no idea that your daughter, Jenna, created that painting. that's wonderful!
and speaking of wonderful, you have a nice collection of real cats, too. my most dearest cat, samantha joseph, was a siamese.