Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Pincushion for an Angel... angel package, that is! 

My friend Susan has volunteered to be an angel for a swapper on Craftster who got flaked on.  (Flaking is the worst of all possible swapping agree to a swap, get a partner, receive her package, and then NOT SEND ANYTHING to her...that is just wrong!!  But a lovely Craftster member always steps forward to be an angel by sending a replacement package to the flaked-upon nice!) 

I offered to help Susan with the package, which was for the "Old Fashioned Romantic Swap".  Susan is decorating a pretty box, and she will fill it with romantic treasures.  My contribution is a pincushion featuring the swapper's favorite quote...I think it is from "Pride and Prejudice".

Here's how I started, with the quote printed out, a sketch of my idea, and some materials:

Using a micron marker, I traced the quote onto muslin, with the help of my light box.  The assembly was simple, just like making a pillow.  I sewed on the lace and leaves/beads before sewing the front and back together.

The leaves were easy to make; I just free-motion stitched on a piece of linen with my sewing machine, and cut them out, leaving the edges raw.

The little polymer clay bird on a pin was left over from a swap I crafted for last year; it is the perfect accent for this pincushion--didn't that work out well!

Susan will be posting pictures of the completed visit her at The Sloppy Sewer sometime soon!


Shannon said...

The quote is definitely from Pride and Prejudice, one of my favorites. :D Beautiful pincushion!!!

Unknown said...

you angelled for an angel!
she is going to PLOTZ when she sees that you made this, leslie.

my bloooog.
there must be tumbleweed going thru there by now!

Unknown said...

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