Thursday, March 1, 2012

Turn A Box Inside Out

I know a trick that is too good not to share--so here it is! 

I do a lot of swaps at Craftster, so I'm always needing boxes for mailing my swap packages.  Most of the boxes I have hoarded saved look like this:

There are all kinds of markings and stickers and labels on them, and it looks terrible, and I don't want to send lovely hand-crafted goodies in a terrible looking box. One day it hit me:  the inside is pristine, so why not turn the box inside out?

Start by locating the corner flap inside the box that is glued in place and holds the box together.  Just pull it apart right there.

Here's my box, nice and flat.

Turn it inside out and glue or tape the corner flap in place.  (There happened to be a bottle of glue on the table when I was doing this, so I glued it.  Normally I just tape it with packing tape on the inside, and add extra reinforcement on the outside.)

Fold the bottom closed...

...and tape it in place.

What a difference!  Now THAT'S a box worthy of both my hand-crafted gifts and my swap partner!


Arin said...

This is a great idea! I actually just finished my first Craftster swap and this will be very helpful for the future.

LimeRiot said...

How clever!! I never would have thought to do this. I too am a box saver (hoarder) :).