Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mollie Makes

About six or eight months ago, I noticed this new crafty magazine called  Mollie Makes.  It's fabulous!

On the cover there is always a big picture of a wonderful, hand-crafted something-or-other, like the crocheted veggies, knit mug cozy, and sewn journal covers on the magazines above.  The thing that made me buy my first issue was the craft kit attached to the cover--every issue has something new!

The latest issue that I have gotten, below, has a package of exclusive ribbon instead of a craft kit.  I'm a sucker for a freebie, and although I know I'm paying for it in the price of the magazine (which isn't cheap--$12 in the U.S.), I still feel like I'm getting a gift.

This magazine is printed in the U.K., so some of the advertisements are for stores I don't have access to, but it is still really fun to see those stores! 

Each issue has pages like the ones below, which showcase crafts and products of interest to those of us who are crafty-minded.  I get inspired every time I  look at it!

Every issue also has patterns and directions to make different things, like these crocheted wrist warmers that were featured on the cover...

or tattoo-inspired embroidery patterns.

This magazine feels new and fresh and "now".  If you are interested in crafts and crafting, you will probably love this magazine as much as I do.  I buy it for myself as a special treat!


Unknown said...

this looks awesome!
and reminds me--when i go to Germany i see a LOT of magazines like this--with a small bag of goodies packaged right onto the cover. ive been tempted to buy them but there's this language barrier...

i'm guessing that this magazine is either a translation or some publisher finally picked up this terrific idea for the U.S. EXCELLENT!

Maimy said...

Oh I LOVE Mollie Makes! I only subscribe to two magazines and this is one of them :D Compared to some (most - at least in the UK!) craft-hobby magazines, it's so fresh and modern and good quality. Great feature :)