Sunday, May 6, 2012

In the Kitchen with Jenna

Back in February I introduced you to my favorite artist--my daughter, Jenna.  Since I want to include a little more "art" in this blog (it does have that word in the title, after all!), today I am featuring some of Jenna's paintings.  All these paintings are acrylics on canvas, and all of them were painted from photographs that Jenna took in our kitchen.

This painting, below, is possibly my favorite thing she has ever done.  Jenna came into the kitchen with her camera when I had just walked into the house with some flowers.  I grabbed the first thing I could find to plop them into--an old plastic pitcher--and Jenna snapped the photo.  I love everything about this painting, from the colors to the brushstrokes to the somewhat impressionistic quality.  It's quite large, about 24" x 40".

I love this paiting too--it's the same kitchen counter, and Jenna lined up some of the random things that were sitting around that day.  The little bottle in the center was actually hot sauce, but the artist took the liberty of turning it into a tiny vial of poison!  The reflection of the Coke cans on the countertop is amazing.

This painting is birthday cupcakes on the kitchen table.  I love these colors, and how every element of the painting is so realistic--the cupcakes, the cooling rack, and the table.

This is a smaller painting, about 10" x 12".  These pears are lined up on the kitchen stove top.  The subject matter is simple, but it is very interesting because of the arrangement of the fruit...they seem to be standing in line, waiting for something!

This is another beautiful little still-life, of nectarines on the dining room table.  Oh!  I just realized that this one doesn't fit the theme because it's in the dining room!  But it goes with the pears, so it's staying in!  This too is a simple but compelling painting because of it's realistic quality, and the off-kilter tiles of the table under the fruit that give it movement.

There's more artwork where all these came from!  Next month I'll show you more.


fiddlegirl8 said...

Jenna is like her mother in many ways - LOADS OF TALENT! Thanks for sharing, Leslie. :) Diane

LimeRiot said...

Wow! She is so talented. Is she selling her work anywhere?

Kay said...

What a wonderful talent. She has been blessed in that area.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks, everyone, I am in awe of her talent! At the moment she isn't selling her work.

wendiek said...

WOW! That is amazing!

All these are so beautiful! Can't wait to see more.

You must be so proud of her!

Unknown said...

shoutout to JENNNNAAA!
these are awesome--wow!
i'm going back to throw myself into them more deeply.

thank you for letting your mom share!!

Helen said...

wow - she is one talented artist! I sometimes paint with acrylics, and can't see me ever producing images like these.
I'm sure she could have a great future as an artist, if thats what she wants to do.

Anonymous said...

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