Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vintage Nursery Style

Recently I showed you the sewing basket I made for one of my partners in the Sewing Accessories Swap on Craftster; today I have pictures of the package I put together for my other partner, adrienne_bowers.  Adrienne has a unique personal style:  she LOVES all things vintage, and she sells them on etsy too.  One of her favorite color combinations is light pink and light blue, and she loves vintage nursery-style things.  I decided that the best way for me to pull this all together was with something embroidered, so I looked online and found a TON of free vintage embroidery patterns--I had no idea there would be so much to choose from!  Two of Adrienne's favorite motifs are lambs and deer, so I grabbed a couple of those patterns and started working.

How sweet is this "Little Lamb"!  I embroidered it on bleached muslin, then hand-sewed it onto the fabric I had already cut out for a fabric basket (but for this swap, I'm calling it a sewing basket!)  I didn't have any vintage fabric, but this blue seemed just the right shade.

You can see the lining of the basket below.  Again, it isn't a vintage fabric, but the colors were just right, so I went with it!

I love this cute little deer!  I did this the same way as the lamb, by first embroidering it onto bleached muslin, then sewing it onto the fabric I had already cut to the size to use for this needlebook.

Since it's a sewing accessories swap, I wanted to add a pin cushion of some kind, and this tie-on pincushion was the perfect thing to go on the sewing basket.  It is made of wool felt.

Then I went on a mini shopping spree and gathered a bunch of color-coordinated sewing notions to fill up the basket.

Here's the message I got from Adrienne when she received this package: 
      "I just got a chance to unwrap your package and I am completely stunned by how absolutely beautiful and thoughtful everything was! That basket and needlebook are so professional and perfect! And the colors!   Blue and pink--my favorites! Thank you SO much, and I hope my package gives you even half the heart flutters yours gave ME!"

I think she likes it!!  Yay!


Unknown said...

so so sweet!
that lamby is as beautiful as can be.

LimeRiot said...

Such a sweet package, Leslie! I really like that color combination and the patterns are so lovely.

Kay said...

What a sweet package. I love the linging fabric on the basket too. Everything works so well together.

Regina vicentini said...

Lindo Kit amiga!
A parceria é fantástica e ao mesmo tempo dôce!

Anonymous said...

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