Monday, May 14, 2012

One Hundred Fat Quarters!!!

I hope all the mothers reading this (in the U.S.) had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday...I certainly did!  I woke up to a big wrapped box from my husband, and when I opened it, I saw this:

One hundred Kona cotton solid fat quarters in a rainbow of colors!!  Wow, this looks like a store display, and it's mine, all mine!  Thanks, Bill, you're awesome!

I'm looking forward to putting these to use--if I can bear to ruin the arrangement!  Maybe I will just look at them for a while.

This is just a short post today, because I've been working on something BIG for the past six weeks, and I'll be able to tell you more next time.  Check back on Wednesday to read all about it!


Kay said...

That has to be the best present ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your husband is certainly wonderful.

Alexandra Abarca said...

Que buen regalo para celebrar el Día de la Madre, a disfrutarlos mucho.


Costa Rica

Unknown said...

Bill, you got brothers? Cousins? Friends who you think are a lot like you???

waggonswest said...

Wow! What a great gift. I think I'd just sit and look at it and re-arrange the colors.

wendiek said...

Hahaha, Susan you are so funny! (I said that a hundred times before, but it is true!)

What a thoughtful gift! And yes, it looks so pretty in the box arranged by colour!

You make me very curious, Leslie, will check your blog on Wednesday for sure!!!
Oh and hug Bill for me, just for being so thoughtful and supportive! That's what we Craftsters like!!

Anonymous said...

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