Thursday, May 10, 2012

London Calling!

My wonderful friend Susan went to London on business in January, and while there she purchased some amazing London-themed Kath Kidson fabric for me!  I finally had time this week to make this bright and happy bag!

The fabric she sent is a lightweight canvas, which is perfect for bags, and as you can see, all the things you associate with London are represented:  Buckingham Palace with the guards in front; Tower Bridge, double-decker busses, Big Ben, and the big ferris wheel.  In my stash I found the red canvas for the back, and the red and white stripe on the front, which go with it really well.




I also had this other London print from eQuilter that I used for a coordinating keychain pouch.  The scale of the design is perfect for something this small, and the colors are good with the bag.

I've just listed this on Etsy as a "made to order" item, so I can take this one to my local shop.  I have enough of the fabric to make several more.

Thanks, Susan, for being so awesome, and for thinking of me while you were on your business trip! 

I spent a summer working in London before I got married, and this fabric brings back a lot of memories.  I'm loving this bag so much, it's possible it may not make it into the store...


wendiek said...

Oh wow, you did it again! You made another awesome bag!! I love your bags, Leslie!!
Why not keep the bag for yourself? If only for the good memories!

Susan, you are such a lovely friend!
And you are VERY good at finding the most gorgeous fabrics! You must share your secrets with me some day :-)

LimeRiot said...

What fantastic fabrics! And it's extra fun that it came direct from London.

Unknown said...

get out of town!!!
bloody good work, leslie haha!
beautiful bag. wow. as usual, you brought the fabric to new heights. so pretty. kath would be delighted.

Kay said...

This is an amazing bag! British themed crafts are all the rage overhere due to the Diamond jubilee.

fiddlegirl8 said...

Another beautiful bag, by Leslie - Susan, you're a very sweet friend to get Leslie some London fabrics! The coin purse is a perfect accompaniment to this bag.

SusanM said...

So I get fabric chosen by susanab and a bag sewn by you - I'm a lucky girl! I was in London on November 2011 and drooled over the Kath Kidson stuff at Selfridges. This will commemorate the drooling!

Anonymous said...

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