Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Heart Card Tutorial

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A couple of days ago I came across a post on Lime Riot's blog that got me really excited!  She showed the CUTEST Valentine's Day cards that she made for the other moderaters at Craftster--you can go directly to that post HERE.  The cards feature a hand-sewn felt heart tied to the front, so it can be removed and tied elsewhere--it's a card and a gift in one!  Lime Riot, you are brilliant!!

I could hardly wait to make my own, and I posted the first card I made on my other blog, 365 Sewn Hearts.  Of course, I had to make more than one, and I want to show you the steps so you can make your own. 

Here's the card I will show you how to make:

1.  Gather your supplies.  You will need two different fabrics, heart templates in two sizes (just fold paper in half and cut a heart, like you did in grade school!), kitchen twine (or string, or ribbon), and iron-in interfacing.  Don't be afraid of interfacing!  Just get a package of light-weight iron-in Pellon, and follow the directions on the package.  It makes ALL the difference between something that looks homemade and something that looks professional.

2.  Cut your fabrics into a workable size, depending on how many hearts you want to make.  Cut interfacing slightly smaller than your fabrics, and iron it onto the backs of both fabrics.  Trace the heart shapes onto your fabrics.  I traced mine onto the back so the pencil line won't show.  My traced line will be my sewing line, so I cut out my hearts about 1/4" beyond the line.

Center the small heart on the front of the large heart, and sew it in place on the sewing machine.  The edges will be left raw.  (In the first heart card I made, I used Heat n Bond to "glue" the small heart in place--that works great, but I noticed that the white parts of the fabric looked dingy afterwards, so I didn't use it this time since my small heart has a lot of white.)

Cut the kitchen twine about 14" long.  Fold in half and tie a knot at the folded end.  This end will be sewn inside your heart, and the knot will ensure that the twine doesn't get pulled out.  Place the twine as shown in the picture, and use a small piece of tape to hold it in place.  You will remove the tape after sewing.

3.  Sew all around the edge of the heart on your pencil line, leaving an opening on one side for turning.  Be sure to let the ends of the twine extend through the opening--don't let them get sewn into the seam! Use a short stitch length so the curves of the heart will be smooth.

4.  Trim the excess fabric to about 1/8".  Be careful not to cut the twine.  Trim as close to the bottom point as you dare; if there is too much excess fabric there, you won't get a good point on your finished heart.  At the top of the heart, make a cut close to the sewing line where the two curves meet.

5.  Turn the heart right-side out.  Do yourself a favor and get some hemostats, like the ones in this picture!  They make turning SO easy!  Then, run the end of a chopstick or knitting needle around the inside of the heart to smooth out the curves, and iron it flat.  Be sure to turn under the unsewn edges of the opening and iron that nice and smooth.

6.  On the sewing machine, sew all around the heart, about 1/8" from the edge.

7.  Tie the twine in a bow, and you are done!  I decided to add a coil-less safety pin to these hearts (it just slides on without sewing), but you could sew a safety pin to the back, or use a jewelry pin.

8.  Make a card.  I used white card stock, cut in half to 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" and then folded in half to 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  On top of that I glued a piece of colored typing paper, cut to 3 1/4" x 4 1/4".  Use rubber stamps to stamp any message you want.

Since this heart has a pin on the back, I just taped the pin to the card.  It's simple to do, and easy for the recipient to remove the heart.  The heart can be worn as a pin, or tied onto a purse or anything, really!

I love these cards so much!!
Thank you Lime Riot for being my inspiration!


LimeRiot said...

Fantastic, Leslie. I know you will be brightening a lot of days with these. I think they'll be perfect year-round, not just for V day!

Thank you for the tutorial. I am definitely adding these to my to do list!

Sidetracked Sarah said...

I love it. So cute! I am hoping to feature this project in an ebook that I'm putting together. Would you email me at sidetrackedsarah (at) gmail (dot) com? I'll share the details over email. Thanks!!


Linda Joyce said...

Hi Leslie,,I just realized we are neighbors! I live in Virginia Beach not far from you.. Great tutorial and I will make a few hearts! Are you going to the Mancuso Quilt Show in Hampton next week? If so, stop by booth 1513,,,I will be demonstrating these wonderful little gems for quilting... Hope to meet you... Take care, Linda Jeter..