Thursday, August 16, 2012

An Amazing Coincidence!

Yesterday, on my other blog I posted a picture of this matchbox (below) which I decorated for an Art Abandonment project.  My friend Lime Riot saw it and left this comment:  "Oh my gosh, Leslie! Wait until you see the little goodie I sent you a couple days ago. Great minds think alike :)."  I had sent her a pair of my scissors fobs, and I knew she was working on something for me, but I assumed it would be a felt badge, since we both like making those.  

Her package arrived today, and it wasn't a felt badge--it was a decorated matchbox!  Here it is, below.  Our color schemes and themes are different, but in an amazing coincidence, we both covered the matchboxes with book pages!  I've NEVER used book pages for anything before!

Inside, we both used the book pages again; and in another coincidence, she included a heart!

Lime Riot, I LOVE the matchbox you decorated for me!  The tiny clay house is the cutest thing ever!  I love your style and your color palette; the whole thing is a wonderful little package.  Thank you so much!!


LimeRiot said...

I got such a kick out of this, Leslie! My comment from yesterday stands, great minds think alike :)!

I blogged about this today too.

Kay said...

Great things come in small packages.

Alexandra Abarca said...

So fanny this coincidence, so I think that you can think the same thing without speak.

Have a nice weekend.

Costa Rica