Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiny House #2

I've heard from my partner in Australia that she has received the package I sent her for the Tiny House Swap on Craftster, so I can now reveal it to the world!

I let my love of bright colors guide me as I chose the fabrics for this project; when I was done, I was concerned that it was too colorful for my partner, but she says it's great!  I made this 4" x4" house wall-hanging just the same way as the one in my previous post:  I sketched my design on paper, then referred to that as I cut the fabrics free-hand.  I sewed everything together on the machine, leaving all the edges raw.  I included a cat in the window because my partner is a "cat person", and the number on the door is her actual house number.  I finished it with blanket stitching on the sides, and a cord for hanging it on the top.

This cheerful house makes me happy every time I look at the picture!  I might have to make another one for myself!


Kay said...

I love the heart addition, you think of everything.

Alexandra Abarca said...

yes this tiny house is so nice, the colors, the shapes, and looks so happy.

Costa Rica

Kira - oopsicraftmypants.com said...

Eeeek, the little kitty in the window is so great! Love!