Friday, August 31, 2012

Luna Moth Bag

The Surprise Swap on Craftster is well under way; my friend Susan and I are the organizers.  For this swap, everyone knows information about the person they are crafting for and sending to, but they don't know who will be sending to them--that's the surprise!

I got busy crafting for my partner as soon as I knew who she was.  She gave a link to her blog, and the current entry there was about a luna moth she had seen in her yard. I love these insects, and I quickly decided I would make a luna moth patch and sew it to the front of a purse for her.

She likes earthy colors, so making the bag in brown and green was a no-brainer!

I made the luna moth patch by tracing an internet image onto paper, then cutting it out to make a template.  I used HeatnBond lite to hold the moth in place while I sewed the details with brown thread.

My partner had written and posted a haiku about the luna moth on her blog, so I knew that HAD to be on the bag too.  I ironed off-white fabric onto HeatnBond, then taped that to a sheet of paper, and put it into my computer printer.  The haiku printed onto the fabric perfectly!  I ironed it onto the bag, then stitched around it first with the sewing machine and then by hand with embroidery floss to give it a boarder.  I added a few buttons, and it was done!

The back has a big pocket:

The inside is lined with drapery fabric, and it has a big pocket too:

This is the most personalized bag I've ever made, and I'm THRILLED with how it turned out.  My partner loves it too--that's what really matters!


Kay said...

It must be wonderful to have such a personalised bag, you really are so thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bag, so inspirational. I must get down to doing one of these for my mum.
Mrs S

Unknown said...

this moth haiku bag is such a show stopper, leslie. when muddy21 said, "I can't begin to tell you how lucky I am." and then wrote just how lucky she was, it was such an amazing post to read.
beautiful. thoughtful. thru the roof wonderful wonderful bag.

TinaW said...

Wow- this is gorgeous! I just read the recipient's response on Craftster and she is definitely thrilled. I'm in my first swap on Craftster and then I'm hoping I can do more.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks, everyone!

TinaW, I'm going to look you up on Craftster!