Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today, August 9th, is Susan's birthday!

You know--susanab on Craftster; Susan of the blog The Sloppy Sewer, Susan, whom I mention on this blog all the time--Susan, my friend!  Go over to her blog and leave a little birthday greeting in the comments; I know she will love that!

Susan, I hope you like these goodies that I made for you, which I know you received yesterday:

--your birthday card, in ATC (Artist Trading Card) form.  (We both love cats!  And cake!)

--A prayer flag.  Since we just finished coorganizing a prayer flag swap on Craftster, I NEEDED to make one for you.  This is my new favorite thing!  I suddenly love fabric collage, and leaving every edge of the fabric unfinished, and leaving lots of dangling threads!  It is so fun!

The picture below shows a close-up of my favorite area.  It is supposed to be the odds and ends that might end up in a birds nest (I guess it would have to be a crow's nest--aren't they the ones that pilfer all kinds of junk?)  I chose the swirly metal charm because you love spirals.  The words "Trust Him", which I stamped on polymer clay, are self-explanitory.  The glass bottle is filled with tiny glass beads and slips of paper that say "be still".  The two brown buttons on the right were made by my partner in the matchbox swap last year--they are made mostly of cinnamon!

--Speaking of matchboxes...I decorated a matchbox for you and filled it with...

...a wool felt scissors fob!  (I also managed to cram into the box a pair of beaded bobby pins, but they didn't make it into the picture.)

Have the happiest birthday ever, Susan! 
You are a beautiful, creative, smart and fun person, and I am proud to be your friend!!


Kira - said...

I see why you love fabric collage! These ones are gorgeous. I love the prayer flag. Lucky Susan :)

Alexandra Abarca said...

Hi Leslie:

You stell make beautifull things, that nice!!!

I have visited Susan Blog.

Costa Rica

Unknown said...

i am very lucky susan!
leslie, leslie--you are an awesome friend 365. thank you for making my birthday today so wonderful. with your amazing friendship and handcrafted wondernesses--i am the luckiest duck!