Sunday, August 5, 2012

MORE Scissors Fobs

You probably know that I'm working on a challenge on my other blog (365 Sewn Hearts) to make 365 sewn hearts this year.  I want to share a small milestone that I reached this week:  I've filled up a second pint-sized canning jar with heart-shaped wool felt scissors fobs.  The timing is perfect, because my enthusiasm for these fob-hearts has decidedly waned!  It's funny, because for 2 months I've been a fob-making machine, full of excitement and new ideas; but now I am very ready to move on to something completely different.  There are still over 100 days left in my challenge, and I have a good idea that will carry me through a large chunk of that time--if you check my heart blog in about a week, you will see what that idea is!

The two jars full of fobs:

Here they are, all nicely arranged!

You can see how small they are in the picture below, with one resting on my fingertips.  Each heart is about 1 3/8" in each direction.

The two below aren't in the group picture because I gave them away in personal swaps this month, with people on Craftster.

The snowman went to Homerof2.  (She is in Canada, and I also sent her a Canadian flag fob; the one in the picture above was the "reject" because I felt that the maple leaf was too tall and skinny!)

This beauty of a chicken now lives with waggonswest

I love looking at all of these hearts; and I expect I will make a few more before the year is out, when I get some new ideas for them.


Kay P said...

I love them all! So pretty. I'm in the UK so I think you should do a UK union Jack flag , or maybe some London, or Olympic themes :)

Kay said...

What fun! They look great together. I can't wait to see what you have planned next.
By the way, I looked over on craftser at the prayer flag posts and yours are easily my favourites. My long time most inspiring scripture is "Be still and know that I am God", and your prayer flag for 'be still' is beautiful. I have even given myself a prayer flag page on Pinterest now.

Leslie Andersen said...

Kay P, I like all of your ideas! I expect to do more of these eventually, so I will try to work up one or more of the ones you suggested!

Kay, thank you SO MUCH for your awesome compliment! I will have to look at your Pinterest.

Crafty Like Lindy said...
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Crafty Like Lindy said...

I just adore these so much!!! lindyv321 from Craftster