Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tiny House #1

I had two partners in the Tiny House swap on Craftster, but today I can only show one of the houses I made, because my partner in Australia hasn't received hers yet.

There are so many different directions a crafter could go in when making a tiny house--it could be paper, wood, fabric, metal; flat or 3-d--and probably a lot of other things that never occurred to me. I stuck with what I know best, which is fabric; and because I've been on a fabric collage kick lately, that's how I made my partner's tiny house.  It is a 4" x 4" wallhanging; I sewed a brown cord to the top for hanging.

I sketched my idea, then cut all the fabrics free-hand, which is both fun and fast!  The roof of the house gave me the most trouble; at first it was too small and rectangular, so I tried again and made it tall and wonky, like a wizard's hat.  That's why I call this the Wizard's Cottage.  All the fabrics are cotton, except the tree, which is dupioni silk; it has a nice slubbiness to it, and a little shine, which makes it an interesting contrast to the other fabrics.  All the sewing on the front was done by machine.  I then layered it with cotton batting and fabric backing, and blanket-stitched it all together by hand.  I'm quite pleased with it, and my partner is too!

I expect to be able to show you Tiny House #2 later this week; it is constructed the same way as this one, but the look is completely different!


Kay said...

Gorgeous. I love little pieces of art, it is also easier to find a place to put something when it is small as it doesn't need as much wall space.

LimeRiot said...

Beautiful, Leslie! It's hard to believe this is only 4" across. You are a master of teeny things :).

Regina vicentini said...

Olá Leslie!
lindo trabalho! Parabéns!

katie@stvital said...

I LOVE it! Great job.

Alexandra Abarca said...

Leslie your tiny house is nice.

Costa Rica

Kira - said...

Cuuuute! 4x4 is quite a feat. Love this.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thank you EVERYONE for your encouraging comments! I had some doubts about this little house, but you have erased them!!