Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Felt Badge Obsession

I've signed up for the Felt Badge swap on Craftster, and now I'm seeing ideas for badges everywhere!  I really want to stop doing everything else, and just sit in my chair with my felt and scissors and thread!  In the past week I've pulled out some things that I had started a while ago and finished them into badges, and I've made a few new ones to "practice" for this swap.  Here's my collection so far:

I made the little cloud (below) into a pin for my friend Susan last year, and I came upon this one, partly-finished, in a box of assorted projects; I finished it the way we are doing them for this swap:  flat (rather than stuffed) and with a finished, felt back, but no pin or magnet or anything else.

These four (below) are the ones I was inspired to make this week.  The carrot design came from a cookie I saw online.  The cat came from a piece of fabric; I looked at the fabric while cutting the felt (without tracing of the design onto the felt)--and by the fourth try, I had a cat I liked!  The cat badge is 2" square; the carrot is 2" x 1 3/4", and the birds are 1 1/4" square.

The bird and leaves were so small they were hard to hold onto while cutting and sewing them!  I love how they came out.

Cats are a common theme with me, and so are hearts.

I want to have a huge collection of these!  If anyone wants to swap one (or a few) with me, please send me an email!

When my collection is bigger, I plan to display them all together somehow.  I will show that to you when it happens!


LimeRiot said...

Ha ha!! I just recently did an almost identical blog post. We're both obsessed, Leslie! So fun :).

Your badges are absolutely adorable. I really like how you used pinking shears for the little badges. They kind of look like postage stamps. Ooo, I need to add postage stamps to my list of felt badges to make... and maybe a little envelope too!

Kay said...

I particularly love your blue felt bird on purple. Happy colours!

wendiek said...

Ahhh, now I regret that I didn't sign up for this swap! I'm in the read to me mommy and the dogs and cats swap, so I thought I should leave it to those two...

But after seeing all those adorable badges Lime posted and now all the adorable badges you post, I feel I should have sign up :-(

Ah, well maybe a next time!

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