Saturday, April 28, 2012

Something New!

I made something new this week:  a full-sized ladies' wallet!  I'm really excited about it, because I've always intended to work up a design for a wallet, and this came out great!

See, on the left side it has a long slot for bills, and behind that is a long zippered pocket.  On the other side are six slots for cards.  A lot of wallets have the card slots facing upwards, towards the open side of the wallet, and I don't like that--I'm afraid a credit card could fall out unnoticed.  I designed this so the card slots and the bills pocket face the fold of the wallet, so when it is closed and snapped shut, nothing can fall out.

Why did I make it?  Because, when I was in Arkansas last week, I got an order on Etsy for this cupcake purse (below); the lady who ordered it says she is CRAZY for cupcakes!

She requested the long, single strap (instead of the two shorter straps I usually put on my bags)--which is no problem; then she asked if I make wallets to match my purses?   Well...I thought about it and decided that just because I haven't done it before doesn't mean I can't do it!   I said I would be happy to make a matching wallet.

As soon as I got home from my trip, I got working on it.  Past experience has shown me that any time I design something new, it isn't really good until I make the third one.  I didn't want to waste the limited cupcake fabric making the first two "practice" wallets, so I used this blue lollipop fabric instead (I have a lot of it for some reason!)   The blue wallet in this picture is the third one--sure enough, the first two were not good!

I was very happy with this blue wallet, so I went ahead and made my customer's wallet in the cupcake fabric.  I've sent her the purse and wallet, and she should be receiving them today.

I have just started using the blue one in my own (non-matching!) purse, so I can test it in action.  If I am totally satisfied with it, I will add it to my Etsy inventory.  It's so exciting to do something new!


Monydav said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I love these!!!
Hugs, Mony

Suzy said...

I think you need to start working on diaper bags....I think I'm going to need a Lesie original!!! :)

Kay said...

These are really lovely. I like the idea of a matching bag and wallet.

neslinin atölyesi said...

these are lovely, :)

Unknown said...

sooooooo pretty!
and still perfect for organizing--the best of both wallet worlds!

Bill said...

Congratulations Sweetheart on over 50,000 hits!!

Helen said...

Hi Leslie

I just love the purse, sorry, wallet, and the longer strap on the bag is just fabulous! I may just have to save some pennies so I can treat myself :)

wendiek said...

Woohoo! Isn't that travelling in style? I love the blue lollipop wallet too.

And designing it so your money or cards won't fall out, that is clever!

I have a nice (bought) leather wallet, but I made a separate cards-wallet. Love yours better than mine :-)

Holly Young said...

wow, it looks great and that purse is so darling!

Anonymous said...

How do I order the purse and the wallet.I am a cake decorator for 35 years now and have been big into cupcakes since "the craze" hit.And what is the price,please.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. I'm sorry to say I am no longer making these bags and wallets.

susane said...

My best congratulations for your beautiful site! Perfect !!!

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