Friday, April 20, 2012

My Blog is a Book!

If you have a blog, you are probably aware that there is at least one place you can go online to have your blog content turned into a book.  I decided to give it a try, and I had all my blog posts from 2011 printed and bound so I could give the book to my mom, who doesn't use a computer.

I used Blog 2 Print after seeing one of their ads online.  The process was easy but pricey--it costs around $50 for one copy!  The price goes up if you choose a hard cover, or if you have a lot of pages.  I chose the soft cover and my number of pages was included in the basic price.  I searched online for a coupon, so I ended up paying only $45.  I wouldn't have done it for myself, but I want to be able to share my blog with my mother, and this seemed like a great way to do that.

The front cover (above) doesn't please me as much as the back cover (below).  The small image I saw on the website as I chose the background for the covers didn't help me that much!  I would have used a picture with a dark background for the front cover if I had known better.  They offer a lot of different cover colors and designs, so if I ever decide to do this again I will choose my cover photos to coordinate better with the cover.

Here's a glimpse at the inside pages.  I chose the space-saving option of having the text run along the side of the pictures.  Although it is different than the actual layout of my blog, I think it looks fine, and it kept me below the number of pages that would have cost more!

Everything in all of my posts is included, but the reader comments are not.  That's too bad, because the comments add a lot!

If I do this again, I think I will pay the extra $10 for the hard cover.  After paying $45, I want my book to last!

I'm on my way to Little Rock, Arkansas this weekend for the Craft Gossip Fork and Talk event; conveniently enough, that's where my mother lives, so I will be visiting her and giving her this book!  (Of course, my mom is the real reason I travel to Arkansas regularly; it is a great bonus that I can schedule my trip to coincide with this blogger's meet-up.)   I will post again on Tuesday; see you then!


wendiek said...

See it this way Leslie: a study book costs about 40 dollars or more, so why wouldn't you for a book that you wrote ;-)

It looks so lovely and sometimes a book IS better than reading it all on line! That is a nice gift for your mom.

Have fun at the Fork and talk event and at your mom's! Good weekend!

kathy k said...

What a wonderful thing to be able to pass down to your kids, grandkids, etc.! I agree about going with the hardback so that it will hold up better, but I would've been doing the same thing you did and counting the pennies when I ordered. :)

Alexandra Abarca said...

Congratulations that is a big idea.

Have a nice Pura vida weekend.

Costa Rica

LimeRiot said...

I've never heard of such a service. That is really special, Leslie. I think it's money well spent. Your Mom will be so proud of all of your work.

Kay said...

It is a really good present idea for your mum, I am sure she will love it.

Enjoy your weekend.

Unknown said...

Best mothers day gift ever!

PDF said...

They will like it,right