Monday, April 16, 2012

Craft Gossip Invitation!

I've gotten my invitation!  On Friday I will travel to Little Rock, Arkansas, to attend the second "Fork and Talk" blogger's meet-up, hosted by editors of the website Craft Gossip, and sponsored by EK Success Brands (which produces crafting supplies and kits, including Martha Stewart and American Girl Dolls).

I attended the first Fork and Talk last September.  Since then I've had several of my projects featured on the Craft Gossip website, which has really helped to boost my readership, and inspired me to constantly work to make my blog as interesting as possible.  I love Craft Gossip!  Since I also love making little crafty things and giving them away, and I know all the other bloggers at the meet-up love Craft Gossip too, I decided to make pin-back buttons to bring with me and distribute to everyone at Fork and Talk next Saturday.

I got this wonderful button-making machine for my birthday last year.  It makes high-quality buttons, and I've discovered that I can be very creative with them--often I print words from the computer, like I did for these buttons, but I can also draw a tiny piece of art and turn it into a button.

The words are printed on pretty scrapbook paper, and the hearts are stickers (I started out cutting each little heart from was taking too long, so it was stickers to the rescue!)

I'll be blogging all about it next week--I can't wait to see what new products will be in the swag bags--I'll show you everything, and I just might be giving some of it away to readers!


Alexandra Abarca said...

Leslie congratulations for your meeting and the things you are preparing for that are really nice.

Have a nive week,

Costa Rica

LimeRiot said...

How exciting, Leslie!! I can't wait to hear all about it! Have fun. Those buttons are adorable. What a slick machine!

Unknown said...

why am i not surprised that you made buttons for everyone who is attending this crafty event! they are so sweet, leslie, and i hope you and the other C.G. people attending have an awesome time!

fiddlegirl8 said...

Leslie - I will be anxious to hear about your second adventure to this event - I enjoyed hearing about your maiden voyage last year! Have fun, bring us some cool ideas!! :)

waggonswest said...

Those buttons are fantastic. I am sure that everyone will love them! I am really looking forward to hearing about year two. It seems like great fun.

Sarah E. White said...

Thanks for the buttons! I only met you from across the room but I'm sure I'll be checking in on your blog in the future!

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